That's right girls, the holidays are just around the corner and at Marila we can't resist giving you a little inspiration as usual. These holidays we are going to rock everything with simple looks but giving prominence to the sandals. So here we go 😏.

The next edition of holiday inspiration is with dresses. That is, what dress would we wear to... with one of our models.

And on this first occasion, this is what we would wear to eat one day at our vacation destination. A white dress or a black print is always a safe bet. Just like the Elisa sandals that are totally and absolutely combinable with EVERYTHING. Perfect for daytime evenings, since its low heel plus 5 mm padded insole makes it look like you're on a cloud at all times.

But if yours is something simpler but equally original...

A flared dress combined with the Dina model is everything you are looking for. That's right, the most loved jute wedge this season is perfect to carry in your suitcase. Beautiful, comfortable and with a perfect height make it the perfect garment to make you shine wherever you go. You can combine it with a thousand and one garments and make it look good with absolutely everything.
And finally, if your thing is to wear daring and short dresses in equal measure, we have the perfect sandals for you to combine it with.
The Edna sandal is perfectly capable of making your legs measure a few centimeters longer, or at least that is the optical effect they have. Well girls, this high-heeled sandal is perfect and original, due to its transparent and black strap, along with its irregular design heel. Plus, of course, the much-needed 5mm padded insole. This is undoubtedly the perfect look for a spectacular dinner at your vacation destination.
You know girls, these are the 3 ideas for your vacation. Don't miss the opportunity to shine with your own light with Marila. Find a shoe made for real women. Put some Marila in your life :)