Well girls, as you already know, the Barbie movie is released today, starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. And the icon of femininity and fashion is now back on the big screen. So today, so that you can join the Barbie fever, we bring you inspiration so that you can combine your pinkest looks with Marila's sandals.

First of all, the lilac Indira sandal is perfect to combine with pink. Without a doubt, if Barbie didn't always wear heels, the Indira flat sandal would be her favorite. Perfect to combine with pink shorts.

Yes, the lilac Indira sandal is the ideal option if your Barbie look aims to be comfortable and elegant.

Is there anything more Barbie than a denim jumpsuit with a 2000's cut and a bell? The perfect option if you want to be inspired by Barbie is not just about wearing pink, but also representing some of her most iconic looks. Furthermore, this combination with the Esther sandals could not be more ideal.

Put on your heels, the scarf around your neck and some bell-bottoms and you will be the most authentic Barbie in the room.

The third look is another fashion icon. As you can see, as we have gone through the looks we have also gone back in time. This cut on the dress is typical of the 50's. And if you combine it with some good jutes, in this case the Dina Nata model, you are going to rock it. This outfit, like the others, is very representative of Barbie, since the doll was launched in 1959, making it a perfect icon in the rise of femininity.

That's right girls, contrary to what many think, Barbie is not only a doll, she has marked generations of girls who are now women and know that we can be many things, without forgetting to always be beautiful.

Combine Marila's sandals with Barbie's clothes and don't miss the opportunity to shine with your own light.