Hello #marilalovers!

One more week we stop by this blog to give you the best of inspirations and today we touch on a very controversial topic: "HOW TO COMBINE A TOTAL BLANCK LOOK AND SUMMER"

Yes girls, and this is one of the questions you ask us most: how can you combine two black clothes in summer and make it look good? And we, as good lovers of the color black that we are, today we come to give you three ideas of black looks combined with Marila sandals for different occasions.

Let's go there..

First of all, we show you an outfit that is very trendy now, long skirts with short blouses or dresses that look like two pieces. And there is nothing more useful than having a trendy piece in your wardrobe and in a color that never goes out of style. But if in this case your goal is not to lose that summer essence, the Jessenia Carmín model is made for you. The color is perfect to break the harmony of the look and give it that touch of originality that characterizes you. And if the sandal is high-heeled on top, you will never lose the essence of this outfit.

Secondly, and being faithful to the black, the option of a strapless skirt and vest combined with the Dalma suede sandals is a 100 out of 10.

The elegance and perfection of this look is unrivaled. Without a doubt, it is an outfit with which you can fit into any event, without losing originality, thanks to the design of the Dalma sandals. With this look we would dare to tell you that it is not a wardrobe staple, it is more the star of your closet ;)

And, last but not least, the combination of a short dress with the Aura flats. Which are spectacularly original due to their combination of colors and design engraved on the skin. It is ideal to combine a short dress with flat sandals, and even more so if they are made of marila, since the comfort is multiplied by 1000.

Don't miss the opportunity to shine with your own light with Marila. Find a shoe made for real women. Put some Marila in your life :)