Is there the perfect gift? 

From Marila we tell you yes.

The perfect gift is the one you want to give to a special friend, a family member, a sister, a mother... it is the one you make from the heart.

They are gifts in which what matters is not what but how, why, circumstance...

What do you usually give as gifts?

We are sandals and we are going to give you a lot of reasons why to give them to your best friend and yourself, because from time to time no one is bitter about a sweet :)

Marila's sandals fulfill the wishes you have for the person you want to give as a gift.

We are sure that you will love to know that your days become more enjoyable thanks to the comfort that Marila provides you and lighter, thanks to the lightness of the materials, it seems that you are not carrying anything because of how little they weigh.

Who doesn't like to leave the house on a Saturday night, stylish, pretty and with a smile from ear to ear? You already know that she settles for little but she really deserves a lot.

Do you want us to tell you gift options? We advise you according to your profile:

- If you are one of those who is passionate about safari, earth and warm tones, you will love these two sandals:

Panthea Panama: It is wild and daring, it provides you with the support you need with the adjustable buckle tied to the ankle, it has a wide heel and platform, the perfect combination to guarantee the comfort that your feet need, it is available in white, oak and panama, the mustard color that has been sweeping this summer.

Zenobia Arena: A timeless classic that we bring you this summer to surprise you. The combination of the earth tones and the beige of the floor will make you go directly to summer and see yourself walking along the promenade of your favorite beach, the one where you spend the summer every summer and where you have memories that pass from generation to generation.

The height of the wedge on the heel is 3 cm, the leather is very soft so that it adapts to your foot and the ankle support will allow you to walk for a long period of time.

- If you are faithful to black and white sandals in their entirety, pay close attention to the models that I show you below:

Zena: An icon that will not leave you indifferent. You will combine it with everything, with high-waisted jeans and blouses with floral prints, shorts above the knee and a basic t-shirt, midi skirts... This model is tied at the ankle with velcro, so you can adjust the support you need, no We all have the same ankle size, so the Zena model is ideal for everyone. 3.5 cm wide heel, super light, you won't realize you're wearing them. You have them in white and black, ideal to combine with your total white and total black looks.

Niobe: The perfect sandal for the perfect woman, because yes, we are all perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

We are totally in love with the way this sandal “hugs” the foot, the die-cut leather looks great on our brown feet. The platform will give you stability and our plantisoft method will reduce the impact of your feet when walking. 

Available in black, white and oak. 

And finally, if this summer you are into color like me, you can't miss Hanna and Hermione, our models from this season's limited edition colors.

For more classic, less risky looks, to combine with neutral colors, the multicolored Hanna model will undoubtedly look great on you.

If you are thinking of spending the summer with oversized dresses combined with a belt to bring out that small waist that you are losing with the bikini operation, choose the Hermione model, your greatest ally this summer. 

And you, what profile do you have? Are you more into safari colors, Black & White or do you like color?

Leave us your answer in comments.

See you in the next post :)