Simple and beautiful while combining with your entire wardrobe, this is our Agatha model, our most versatile sandal that becomes a top seller every year.

This spring summer, although the color par excellence is very peri violet, tangerine orange is the one that seems to have conquered fashion.

How to combine your Agatha sandals with the summer color?

Personally, I was not one to mix bright colors in the same outfit, however, with this combination, cherry red and tangerine orange, I am in love. A few days ago, to go to a friends' party my look was: High-waisted jeans, white crop-top, an orange blazer and the Agatha model in red, I can assure you that I did not go unnoticed.

The white color is very easy to combine. The trend color is a warm, flattering color and you can get much more out of it than we imagine. I'm already imagining myself with a total White look, the Agatha model in white and a mini bag in tangerine. 

The color orange is a good way to add color to our most classic looks. In total Black outfits, with Agatha sandals in black and a blazer in the trending color of the season. 

Did you know that it combines perfectly with golden jewelry? I love the contrast, it gives it a different touch and makes the look seem more chic.

The hazelnut color, a classic in your closet, we already know that you cannot live without it and that is why we are going to give you a few tips to show it off both with the trending color of the season and with all the others:

Military tones will be your allies this season: a suit jacket combined with a t-shirt in earth tones and your Agatha in leather color, it is a sporty but casual option that you will rock.

If you are thinking of something fresher, white tones fit perfectly.

If you prefer pastel tones, pinks, blues, greens, oranges... you can't miss wearing it with a midi dress.

And, if you like black, there are also a thousand options to combine, for example with a tulle skirt and a basic t-shirt.

Many of you ask us how to combine bags with our sandals. In the next post, we will clear up all your doubts, but first I would like to resolve one for myself:

Do you think it is still popular to choose the same color of sandals and bag? We read you!