At Marila we love traditions, customs, what symbolizes the passage of time. And this is because of our 40 years of experience and because we like to protect our roots.

In these days of so much feeling and beautiful things, Marila is your perfect shoe, to live and enjoy the good things in life, the celebrations. And as usual, we come to give you some ideas with which you can accompany all your looks to walk through the streets for hours.

For all those who like more casual looks, and like to go flat, these sandals are calling out to you.

Can they be more ideal? The Amelia, Aranzazu and Ángela models are the perfect shoe for all those who like to be elegant but flat. They are the perfect shoe to walk through the streets these days of processions.

On the other hand, if walking in heels is your thing, these three models will become irresistible for you, since the comfort of the Fátima, Esperanza and Jessenia models is unique.

Style all your looks with an elegant model that is perfect to wear for hours.

Finally, if you like to go with some height but with a slightly more "urban style" look, the Blanca, Franca and Clarabella sandals are your ideal sandal.

At Marila we only want your comfort and that you enjoy all your Easter plans. You already know that Marila is essence and naturalness, footwear adapted to the needs of today's women. Marila is for real women in all their facets, both personal and professional.

Marila is for women who shine with their own light, Marila is for you. Celebrate these holidays with us!