The "comfy" capsule comes to give you the most absolute comfort, and also... it is ideal!
The new #comfy capsule continues to maintain Marila's essence and naturalness, while adapting to the needs of today's real woman. Our brand's footwear represents women in all their facets, both personal and professional. The Marila women shine with their own light.
This capsule is so ideal not only because it adapts to your foot, providing you with the greatest comfort, but also because it is a shoe that adapts to your life.
For all these things our sandals are so top. This new capsule is made so you can wear our sandals 24/7.
And they are so comfortable... in addition to being comfortable, they are super pretty, which makes them even more incredible so they can be combined with any look. Now that the holidays are coming, the new comfy capsule will be your best friend to create any outfit, both at night and for going out during the day, eating with family or having dinner with friends.
If you are one of those who welcomes spring in style, the Gilda model is made for you. Its colors and construction breathe spring and that is why elegance is assured. If you are one of those who likes this time of year, this look is for you.
The Lucia model is ideal for these "neither hot nor cold" days. This model from the comfy capsule is perfect to wear with both dresses and pants, and these holidays it is a perfect option so that your only concern is enjoying yourself.
Could the Galia model have been prettier?
Its originality is the best thing about this sandal. Its design with wide straps makes your foot much more collected and stylizes it. If you like spring, you'll love Marila!
The comfy capsule can now accompany you more than ever during the Easter holidays. For your looks in more rural places, mountainous towns in the interior of the country, you can take the Lucia or Galia sandals, which are much more closed. On the other hand, if your destination is the coast, you can take the Gina or Gema sandals, with a higher wedge and a more open design.
At Marila we love to inspire you, and dressing well with our sandals is very easy. Come on Marilalovers, don't wait any longer to make the new comfy capsule yours!