Hello friends of Marila, one more Thursday we come with our inspiration for your incredible looks. Yes girls, we already know that white is one of the star colors every summer season, but it is so difficult to combine...

Well, that's what we are here for! Today we come to bring you inspiration on how to combine a total white look. And yes, we know that it is not as simple as combining two white pieces, you have to know how to do it so that the different types of white combine properly.

Go for it!

We started with something simple, a short white dress. You girls already know that if your intention is to show off your leg, the flat sandal or heel without a bracelet is your best option, since anything that is tied to the ankle will make your leg shorter. In this case, the Ángela model is perfect to combine with a smooth, flat dress. A perfect racket for your summer days.

For those romantic and fun summer nights, we have the Fátima model, combined with a long white jumpsuit, A CLASSIC. The Fátima sandal is perfect to combine with any long garment, since its wide heel allows it. Without a doubt, the Fátima sandal is ideal for those who like to be tall and comfortable.

Finally, here we bring a basic, a long white dress with little mermaid style ruffles that has been so popular this season. And if you combine it with the Esther heel, it is the perfect couple. Also, in white, to continue the monochrome look. If you are one of those who likes to step on heels, the Esther model is made for you.

Don't miss the opportunity to shine with your own light with Marila. Find a shoe made for real women. Put some Marila in your life :)