Hello girls! We are here for another week and this time to show you 3 of the models from the new Love & Courage collection that we love. 
The Panthea model, with die-cut leather and 7.5 cm heel, is one of those sandals that you can't stop wearing all season long, super comfortable, in addition to using our plantisoft method, the 5 mm padded insole, a system through which we reduce the small impacts that we subject our feet to every day, helping to cushion the footprint and reducing the pressure on the feet when walking.
Its closure is at the ankle with a buckle, which will give you more stability and support in your daily life.
You can choose it in 3 colors, the Panama color to combine with jeans, total White outfits and even with a range of colors opposite to yellow they look scary.
The oak color and white, combine them with absolutely everything without exception, they will be your wardrobe background this season.
The Agnes model, ideal wide heel of 7.5 cm combined with platform, more comfort impossible. Very versatile when it comes to combining, both cherry red and military green will be your allies this spring-summer.
You can also find it in hazelnut and white, make every summer's dream come true, being comfortable and pretty at the same time.
The Niobe model is the one that will give your basic looks that chic touch they need. 7.5 cm platform, super light, weighs nothing, gives you the ideal height without losing sight of comfort, you can use them for hours. Get them in white, black or hazelnut, any of the 3 are a total success.
We hope you liked these 3 models from our new collection that we have created with so much enthusiasm and effort. See you soon!
A hug!!!