The new "mariyutes" capsule is part of "The New Concept" collection. This new capsule comes to give more elegance to all your spring and summer looks, without leaving aside the comfort that characterizes us so much.

"Mariyutes" continues to maintain the essence and naturalness of Marila, but this new capsule comes loaded with classic and elegant designs, which make it so special. They are sandals adapted to the needs of today's women. Sandals aimed at hard-working, ambitious, all-terrain women who seek to feel fulfilled and who take care of the small details.

On the other hand, what makes this capsule so special is that the models that comprise it are made with the highest quality, with leather and jute that make it look like you are walking on the clouds. They are sandals that not only adapt to your foot, they also adapt to your life, allowing you 24/7 comfort.

These are our most classic jutes. The Dina model is available in several colors and is the perfect shoe for your spring events, such as fairs, weddings, baptisms, etc.

In our brightest colors we have the Doris model, a sandal that breathes summer. If you want to give color, originality and a lot of personality to your looks, this sandal is for you.

Could a sandal be more ideal? Enjoy all your plans in good weather, create your most elegant and original outfits, with the most absolute comfort. With Marila everything is possible. You already know marilalover, the new "mariyutes" capsule has come to make us all fall in love, are you going to run out of yours?