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Marilalover this is the opportunity for you to get those sandals that you liked so much at the time and in the end you didn't take. In this "flash sale" you have very top models available such as the Renata high sandal, the Bolzano model or the Amalfi high-heeled sandal.

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Combine the most original colors and designs with any of your looks. Wedge sandals like the Lucca or Venice model to combine with shorts or a miniskirt. Heeled sandals like Shaila or Panthea to rock wearing a midi dress or a long jumpsuit. Or, a flat sandal like the Nora or Olympia model to show off with long jeans or a short dress.

With Marila's sandals you can make endless combinations to give your looks a touch of personality, elegance and comfort. Don't miss the opportunity to shine with your own light with a unique offer.

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