Fabrics, colors, trends... all of that is very good, but when it comes to choosing footwear that adapts to your feet, that does not hurt you, that is made with the appropriate production process and with the best materials Sometimes we feel lost.

It seems like a difficult choice, however, with these tips that we give you below it will be a piece of cake!

First of all, choose a size appropriate to the size of your foot, many times we think that we use one size because we usually use it with the same brand but we have to keep in mind that depending on the manufacturer you can wear a different size.

At Marila, you will have no problem choosing your size, since we have put at your disposal a size guide in which we indicate how you should measure your foot to choose the correct size and thus, you will avoid having to resort to changes that delay the enjoyment of your new sandals ☺☺

Another thing that we must take into account is the quality of the materials that make it up. Always look at the skin, if it is flexible or on the contrary rigid, if the heel, sole or platform has a good tread, it is very important to have good cushioning, this is achieved with an inner insole that gives you the rest that your feet they need.

In our case, we have developed the plantisoft method, a 5mm thick gel insole so you can wear your Marila 24 hours a day. without knowing.

The type of closure and height is important, you need good support so that your foot does not “dance” inside the sandal and you must also choose a height that is comfortable and your back does not suffer.

Choose light sandals. The soles of our designs are made with an excellent material that gives our sandals a lot of lightness.

And if you still have doubts about which sandal to choose, we will advise you!